We designed specifically for end-users, making it easy to view project metrics, manage financials, and collaborate with your team in real-time.

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BlueCollar Project Automation

BlueCollar Projects

Change Orders Project

Project Change Orders

Update the Cost Budget and your Project Revenue in one easy step!

Project Scheduling

Project Scheduling

Start to Finish. Finish to Start. Keep your project schedule moving forward with our interactive gantt chart and project calendar.

Project Budgets

Project Budgets

Cost Codes, Cost Types, Divisions or Job Steps. Any way you budget your project, we've got you covered!

% Complete Rev Rec

Revenue Recognition

Does calculating your percent complete rev rec figures in excel take way longer than it should? Come see our one-click Rev Rec engine and WIP Schedule

Change Orders Project


Don't leave uncollected retentions sitting on your AR Aging. Automate the process from holding to billing to collection!

Resource Allocations

Resource Allocations

Do you have the right crew on the job? Who is available for the next project? Where is our equipment? Do we need to rent more?See all that and more withBlueCollar Resource Management

Cost Codes Job Costing

Cost Codes Job Costing

Allocate your costs wherever and however you please. Make it easy on your AP staff to get your subcontractor and supplier bills in the right spot

AIA Style Billing

AIA Style Billing

If you're hand entering AIA style forms every time you bill, our one-click AIA invoicing could save you hours!

Netsuite + BlueCollarPartnered for Success

BlueCollar Projects Team Support

Elevate your project management game with NetSuite’s BlueCollar Projects.

Solution designed specifically for end-users

Making it easy to view project metrics, manage financials, and collaborate with your team in real-time.

Goodbye to confusing spreadsheets
and back-and-forth emails.

With BlueCollar Projects, you can easily track milestones, manage change orders and subcontracts, and even auto-generate AIA style billing templates.

Revenue recognition
and WIP reporting

Our advanced features for automating revenue recognition and WIP reporting will help you stay on top of your budgets, projections and estimates.

Better Schedule, Better Project
Best Results

Schedule Updates
Single Source
of Truth
Critical Path
Multiple Baseline

BlueCollar Scheduling

Improved collaboration:

Can help improve collaboration among team members, as it allows everyone to access and view the project schedule in real-time. This can help reduce misunderstandings and miscommunications about project tasks and deadlines. And all that means is fewer delays, better bottom lines and happier customers.

Enhanced visibility:

Provides enhanced visibility into the progress of a project, track each task to completion, identify bottlenecks, and identify potential risks. Better information at your fingertips means better decisions about how to allocate resources and bring each project home with a WIN.

Increased efficiency:

Can help you create and manage project schedules more efficiently, as it allows you to easily create, update, and share project schedules with team members.

Better risk management:

Will help you identify and manage risks more effectively, as it allows you to track dependencies along the critical path and assess the impact of potential delays on the overall project.